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WELCOME Fellow Miata Enthusiasts!

The M'sters Miata Club, Inc. is a Miata Club with a 17+ year history and based in Goffstown, New Hampshire with members throughout the Northeast.  The only qualifications we have to becoming a member are enthusiasm of the Mazda Miata/MX-5, ownership, and an openness to enjoying the Roadster with other people of this same interest.

As the Mazda Miata continues its historic 28 year journey to be the most popular sports car ever sold, we enjoy celebrating that history through runs, tech days, day/overnight trips, detail days, and other group-oriented activities which have a main focus on the Mazda Miata/MX-5!

Tour through our site and we'll see you on the road.
Keep the shiny side up!   
Kevin L
 M X 5 C O U P A T C O M C A S T D O T N E T

NEXT EVENT: Sunapee Lions Club Car Show (Non-M'sters) -
Hosted by Sunapee Lions Club
M'sters 2017 Calendar of Events
Event: M'sters Winter Breakfast Gathering
When: January 29, 2017
Where: The Cracker Barrel - Derry, NH
Host: Andy & Lisa L  
Event: M'sters Dinner Gathering
When: February 18, 2017
Where: Cork & Keg Grill - Raymond, NH
Host: Karen & Jim  
Event: M'sters Season Opener Meeting
When: March 25, 2017
Where: Horace Chase Lodge - Boscawen, NH
Host: Andy & Lisa L  
Event: Live Low & Not Slow Car Show (Non-M'sters)
When: April 8, 2017
Where: Manchester, NH
Host: Adam (drug awareness in NH)
Club Membership Dues Deadline
When: April 15, 2017  
Event: M'sters Tech Day I 
When: April 29, 2017
Where: Bow, NH
Host: Spruce & Melanie 
Event: M'sters Cobwebs & Curves Run
When: May 6, 2017
Where: Upper Northern NH
Host: Karen & Jim 
Event: M'sters Detail Day
When: May 13, 2017
Where: Hooksett, NH
Host: Northeast Detailing  
Event: M'sters Tech Day II
When: May 27, 2017
Where: Londonderry, NH
Host: Greg & Betty H  
Event: M'sters Run to King Arthur Flour
When: June 3, 2017
Where: Norwich, VT
Host: Andy & Lisa 
Event: M'sters Run to Ramp Restaurant
When: June 17, 2017
Where: Kennebunkport, ME
Host: Susan
Event: Sunapee Lions Club Car Show (Non-M'sters)
When: June 24, 2017
Where: Newbury, NH
Host: Sunapee Lions Club
Event: M'sters Southern Vermont Run 
When: June 30 - July 2, 2017
Where: West Dover, VT
Host: Jim/Pete
Event: Miata's at the Museum (Non-M'sters) 
When: July 16, 2017
Where: Brookline, MA
Host: Mass Miata Club
Event: M'sters Run to Curtis' BBQ 
When: July 22, 2017
Where: Putney, VT
Host: Kevin
Event: M'sters Crane Estate Run 
When: August 5, 2017
Where: Ipswich, MA
Host: Kim K
Event: M'sters Dyno Day
When: August 12, 2017
Where: EFI Express - Lee, NH
Host: Dave 
Event: M'sters Falls Run  
When: August 26, 2017
Where: Northern, NH
Host: Lee & Judy
Event: M'sters Northern Country Run  
When: September 16, 2017
Where: Northern, NH
Host: Mark & Nancy
Event: M'sters Stowe Invasion  
When: September 22-24, 2017
Where: Stowe, VT
Host: George/John
Event: M'sters Beach Run  
When: September 30, 2017
Where: NH/ME coastline
Host: Cris
Event: M'sters Pollys Pankcake Run  
When: October 14, 2017
Where: Sugar Hill, NH
Host: Bill & Kathi
Event: M'sters Kringle Candle Run  
When: October 21, 2017
Where: Bernardston, MA
Host: Karen & Jim
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